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1487285402 cleaning materials 2 Spring will soon be upon us. (One month, to be exact!)

What better time to ‘clean house’?

I know, for me, messiness creates messiness.

Inside and out.

So, if my head is full of ‘clutter’ it seems to attract more confusion and unrest.

Sort of like a magnet.

Same goes for the home and the office.

I notice that if I allow a few things to pile up, be it laundry or unopened mail, it grows; QUICKLY!

So, what is the answer?

Well, that’s a tough one.

Life is busy. We tend one garden and the other one gets weeds!

I believe slow and steady wins the race when we really have let things get out of hand.

One mole hill at a time as opposed to attempting to climb the entire mountain.

If it’s at home that it seems to be the issue, start small. A drawer, then a shelf, then a closet.

If the office is getting to feel more like a maze than a workplace, same rule.

Start with drawers then move to other ‘storage’ areas.

Be strict. Be diligent. Once you have decided to attack the monster, don’t back down.

Notice how INCREDIBLE you feel when you have tackled even one desk or one cabinet.

It does feel so amazing to toss what no longer serves us.

This works for our soul as well. If we carry baggage such as: guilt, regret or envy, it weighs heavy on us.

Let go all of that heaviness. SIGH.

How does that feel?

So, this spring, let’s weed the garden; in our heads and souls and for real, too.

Get those garbage bags ready; it’s time to toss it (or donate it).

I have started this at home, at the office and in my soul. It’s a purge, to say the least.

I can honestly say that I feel lighter already and I have only done a tiny bit.

Slow and steady…. Enjoy!