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1487285402 cleaning materials 2 WE THINK NOT. AND HERE’S WHY.

I think a lot of us started out with QBDT, right?

I know here at LegUp Consultants we did.  We won’t say how long we’ve been using it…suffice it to say that it’s been a while. We loved it from the start. So much, in fact, that QBDT is the ONLY accounting software we support.

We call it a ‘business tool’.  Another tool in your tool belt. It does far more than keep track of a few numbers and print a few reports.

If used correctly, it runs your business like a well-oiled machine.

Could we ask for anything more?

Well, good question.

Things change. The world progresses. Seems people want more. They want different. They want the latest and the greatest. They want the quick and easy of online. They want change on a daily basis.

So, for these business owners, who have different needs that QBDT users, there is QBO.

It has its own wonderful bag of goodies. Lots of awesome stuff for a particular niche of client.

Just like QBDT has its own bag of goodies.

QBDT (including the robust Enterprise) has features that you won’t find in QBO and vice versa.

For a while, I think it was a given that QBO would become what QBDT was.

That doesn’t seem to be the case. I don’t think it was ever the intent, actually; more like an assumption.

Here’s a little story to help explain WHY QBDT is likely here to stay:

We had a business owner call us in a bit of a panic. His year end was approaching and his Accountant wanted him to switch from their current software to QBO.

He was a savvy business owner and did some research. He concluded that QBO would NOT suit his needs.

I chatted with him and agreed that what he really needed was QBDT.

As with ALL of our clients, there are legitimate reasons for using QBDT. This is not to say that QBO is not an incredible product.

It is to say, though, that QBDT is as well.

I think as ProAdvisors our job is to direct the client to the product that will best fill their needs. At the end of the day, a happy client is a successful one. A win/win all the way around.

We have chosen to niche ourselves with the desktop user. It’s what we do really well and we see a need, still, for the QBDT user to have knowledgeable support.

Will QBO EVER be EXACTLY what QBDT is? We don’t have a crystal ball. So, for now, we will say this: There’s plenty of room in the sandbox for both to play nicely.

We look at it this way. There’s a pickup truck and a transport truck.  They are both trucks, right? You likely would not use a pickup truck to move a warehouse of merchandise and just as likely, not use a transport truck to move a few bags of soil.

Common sense has to prevail. In business, as in life, use the right tools to get the job done as efficiently and logically as possible to reach the goal with minimum effort and expense.